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Parameters of motor nozzle

  The utility model relates to a motor nozzle, which is a part of a machine tool which is widely used in various motors.
  This product is made of super hard alloy or carbon steel heat treatment, which is made of precision grinding and polishing. Excellent bending resistance, wear resistance, widely used in series excitation, fan, micro motor, motor and other industries of the stator, rotor coil winding.
  The product shape and size vary according to customer needs, is made precisely in the product of hard alloy, the hardness up to HRA90, this product both ends and the inner hole are all mirror processing, in order to protect the Qin envelope will not be scratched. Advantages: high degree of steel and hardness, not easy to bend and plug, impact resistance, wear resistance......
  The alloy motor nozzle is the use of tungsten carbide material (super hard alloy) precision machining. High hardness above HRA90, bending strength of more than 2300N/mm. The company uses special equipment for precision grinding and precision grinding of the inner hole, so that the roughness of the hole reached Ra0.1, the roughness of both ends of Ra0.025 up to R. Both ends of the mouth of the radius of curvature of the scientific design, to ensure smooth natural line. Compared with the ruby nozzle, the utility model has the advantages that the whole material is processed and the steps are not in the mouth of the thread hole, which improves the phenomenon of easy bending and blocking.