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Carbide wire wheel

  The use of machinery and equipment in industrial production plays an essential role. High quality equipment parts products are more popular and the purchase, so the performance of the product needs to be updated replacement. Hard alloy over the wheel, from the cross line of these three words we can guess what it is the role of the line wheel is suitable for all kinds of winding machines and textile machinery in the wire over the wire parts. The hard alloy wire roller is characterized by the use of hard alloy material is extremely hard and wear-resistant, precision grinding and polishing of the precision equipment, with advanced production and processing technology, the inner hole and the outer diameter and R geometric tolerance within 0.01mm, the wire passing groove surface roughness of Ra0.025 above, due to the high hardness, smooth surface, in the use of enameled wire damage probability is very low. It can be imagined that the replacement of the product will bring much convenience to the production of the industry, as well as the processing and manufacturing of the arts and crafts.