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Arrangement of mechanical tensioner for winding machine

  Around the mechanical tension line machine includes magnetic mechanical friction, tension control, magnetic damping tension device, which belongs to the pure mechanical tension device, tension device itself by mechanical parts resulting in tension, the basic configuration, the general factory mass type winding machine, winding accuracy and Zhang Liwen qualitative error is relatively large. Mechanical winding machine tension control is a key part produces adjustable tension during winding, the enameled wire with appropriate tension, so that the coil wound tight fastening and full, ensure the consistency of the technical indexes of the coil. Jincheng Industrial specialized equipment used for wire winding machine structure and all kinds of tension control system, product specifications, as many as 5 thousand kinds of mechanical tension around the line machine, all kinds of wire tension device, nozzle can be tailored to customers of various specifications, various types of wire structure products has been widely used in various types of electronics, machinery, textile and other equipment, the performance of excellent quality, reliable, fully meet international standards. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiations, price concessions.