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Function and function of mechanical tension device

If the intuitive understanding of mechanical tension device, is a tension of the machine equipment or parts, in fact, the real argument is also true, the tension device is such a property. Of course, the use of a tension device is extensive, as part of the machine equipment, can be used in different nature and different purposes of the machine as part of the use of. If the tension device of the winding machine is a kind of tension device, what is the most basic function and purpose of the winding machine? Is the mechanical tension device the same as the tension device of the winding machine? That is the friction type winding machine tension control is a key part produces adjustable tension during winding, the enameled wire with appropriate tension during winding, so that the elastic coil wound for fastening, full, ensure the consistency of the coil technology index. It can be seen that a tension device on the wire winding equipment to play a huge role, is not replaced by other parts. Different winding wires need to be used in different winding machines, so it is also the demand of the manufacturers to the wire diameter.