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Good mechanical tension device selection

The shape structure of mechanical tension is divided into YZ mechanical tension device and the TCL series to mechanical tension device.TCL mechanical tension device of a tension rod, tension adjusting knob, damping switch, trimming pointer, handle, knob, guide tension trimming porcelain, wool clip ring, damping wheel, wheel line. Its use of environmental requirements is at the temperature -30 C -10 C, humidity requirements in 30%-60%, hope that the air purification requirements of the air cleanliness class of 6 or more. At the same time, the wire should be stored in a relatively clean environment, clean, clean, no dust on the surface. Around the system of different wire diameter size of the wire is not the same as the demand is not the same, the mechanical tension around the system out of the line up to 0.2, the maximum diameter of up to 2. So the choice of tension device should be based on the size of the wire around the system to select the appropriate tension device. Jincheng Industrial professional to provide for you, welcome to inquire inquiry.