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How to choose a wire winding machine

Select the tension device mainly depends on your wound is what kind of product, winding high precision is not high. In general, high middle and low tension device equipped with three ways around the servo line machine belongs to the high tension device, the tension device is active feeding, good stability, high demand for fine line and winding precision occasions great help; around the electronic tensioner machine belongs to the medium configuration, this is used without friction electromagnetic technology, resulting in tension for mechanical tension instability is much reduced, most winding situation is the tension device selection; winding tension line machine contains mechanical the magnetic mechanical friction, tension control, magnetic damping tension device, the tension device belongs to the mechanical type, tension device itself by mechanical parts produce tension, basic configuration General Factory of winding machine, mass The error of the precision and the stability of the tension is relatively large. Jincheng Industrial specialized equipment used for wire winding machine structure and all kinds of tension control system, as many as 5 thousand kinds of product specifications, line nozzle can be tailored to customers of various specifications, various types of wire structure products has been widely used in various types of electronics, machinery, textile and other equipment, its performance is excellent quality, reliable, fully meet international standards. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiations, price concessions.