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The difference of performance and structure between composite lead wheel and transposed conductor

Assembly line product description:
Combination wire wheel for enameled wire or thread amount oriented, the China circle by precision ceramic production, ultra precision polishing groove lidar Ra0.2, ceramic ring with high speed bearings, on both sides of the baffle can prevent the winding when the enameled wire jump out of the groove, and the winding tension remains stable and consistent, and direct the full ceramic bearing combination with high also called ceramic wheel, the product is applicable in various types of wire winding machine and textile machine parts in silk. 
Enamelled winding wire is a copper or aluminum flat wire line core, can be composed of a single or a plurality of wires, using NOMEX paper, paper, paper, 500KV telephone cable transformer inter turn insulation paper (high density), heat insulating paper as insulation for the ideal material of winding oil immersed transformer.
Product features:
Enameled single for lower voltage transformer, but also in the 110KV and above the oil and combined wire transposition wire collocation, combination wire by a few single paper bag together, paper core around the total Bao insulation layer, the use of 110KV and above the oil. Compared with a single paper wrapped copper wire, it can improve the integrity and mechanical strength of the loop in the same insulation strength and conductor cross section. Reducing the coil volume of the transformer can effectively improve the heat radiation performance of the coil. The paper wrapped wire has good voltage resistance in transformer oil, and the hardened wire has a high mechanical strength.
Product description of transposed wire:
Is a certain number of odd (or even) of enameled flat wires according to two column order wide contact arrangement, according to the following requirements for packet flat line in the two column of paint along a narrow surface in the same rotating direction and electrical insulating tape transposition, multilayer continuous wrapped tightly into the winding line. Transposition is accomplished by means of a special device that allows each flat wire to occupy a pitch position in each transposition period of the transposed wire to meet the parameter requirements of the coil in phase.
Product features:
Compared with the ordinary paper package / combination flat wire, transposition wire has incomparable advantages in the design and manufacture of transformer;
1: improve the space utilization of the winding, reduce the size of the coil, reduce the cost of materials;
2: reduce the loss of the transformer;
3: improve the mechanical strength of the winding, increase the reliability of the transformer;
4: in the transformer manufacturing process, the coil winding time is shortened.
Sum up:
Performance structure difference:
1: the shape is not the same, the combination of different ways, the combination of lines to fold, side by side, etc., transposition is the overall geometry of the combination of changes.
2: the use of different occasions, the combination of transformers in the transformer are used at the end of high voltage function, transposition is low voltage end wire.