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Winding machine tension controller

Tension apparatus interpretation
A. magnetic tension tensioner, also called permanent magnetic tension controller, is a device that transmits constant torque with magnetic field as its medium. The damping disk is not in contact with the magnet, and the tension control is extremely stable
The B. rotating parts are made of light, solid materials, with minimal rotational inertia.
C. tension wheel output made from elastic soft, not to hurt the line.
D. metal parts are treated with rust proof and have excellent corrosion resistance.
The E. installation structure is simple, the tension size adjustment is convenient, the structure design is compact, the volume is small, and can work stably in various positions.
Magnetic damping winding machine tension control is a key part produces adjustable tension during winding, the enameled wire with appropriate tension during winding, so that the elastic coil wound for fastening, full, ensure the consistency of the coil technology index. When your production of enameled wire products based on time, you will encounter a line break, pine and other bad, and other problems caused by them, magnetic tension device manufactured by our company will be your good helper to solve these problems. This kind of magnetic tension tensioner is widely used in metal material to fiber material, enameled wire, fishing line, metal wire, belt core, bone, etc., and needs constant and lasting tension control when winding.
The company's main Jincheng Model List
MTC series magnetic tension device
Horizontal magnetic tension device MT series
Servo tensioner SET-B series
Electronic tensioner ET series
ETC series electronic tensioner
RM-F series electronic tensioner
Magnetic tensioner CL series
Mechanical tensioner YZ series
Servo tensioner SET-A series
Servo tensioner SET-C series
Servo tensioner SET-D series