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An overview of the wire nozzle of the wire winding machine

  Dongguan city Shijie jinzan electronic hardware products factory specializes in winding machine equipment for wire structure and all kinds of tension control system, textile machinery industry line mouth, winding wire mouth, gem products, hard alloy products, ceramic products and precision machinery manufacturing, years of independent development, technological innovation, manufacturing accumulation a wealth of experience, technology is improving, as many as 5 thousand kinds of product specifications, line nozzle can be tailored to customers with different specifications, tungsten carbide nozzle, alloy nozzle and other types of wire structure products has been widely used in various types of electronic, mechanical, textile and other equipment, its performance excellent quality, reliable, fully meet the international standards.
  Super hard alloy nozzle or tungsten steel wire winding machine line mouth mouth (PIN), shape and size vary according to customer needs, is made precisely in the product of hard alloy, the hardness up to HRA90, this product both ends and the inner hole are all mirror processing. In order to protect the Qin envelope will not be scratched, steel and high hardness, not easy to bend, impact resistance, abrasion and blockage.