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About wire winding machine

Wire winding machine is widely used in various types of winding transformer, relay, micro motor and micro motor manufacturers, is my company's flagship product. Wire nozzle of the wire winding machine is divided into a super hard alloy wire nozzle, a ruby wire nozzle and a motor wire nozzle. Ultra hard alloy wire nozzle high impact resistance, high hardness, high hardness, to ensure that the line is smooth and natural. Ruby line mouth is the use of ruby with a very hard and wear-resistant characteristics, combined with the characteristics of stainless steel, the application of fine coil winding and wire winding processing. Compared with the ruby line mouth, there is no step in the hole of the super hard metal alloy wire, which improves the phenomenon of easy bending. The motor wire nozzle is made of super hard alloy material, and is widely used in the field of series excitation, fan, micro motor, motor and other industries. Jincheng Industrial Co. Ltd. the main winding machine nozzle, provide the most sincere service for you, nozzle specifications can be provided according to customer's samples or drawings.