Product name:Tension Gun with Single Spring
Product ID:1401


Tension Gun With Single Spring

Tension gun application: stranding machine pay-off stand, or bunch of silk machine gun used pay-off stand and tension. Single spring: refers to a spring, to distinguish between tension and model of the gun. Then tension gun is made of Ferrum metal, chromium plating adornment also called appearance hard chromium, with a scale instructions, it is convenient to adjust the tension .Use good quality, stainless steel pull rod, higher stability. Single spring tension gun configuration 2.2 mm and 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm diameter line above precision extension spring, according to the customer of pay-off size and configuration. Common single spring with standard HCR004-B04 pushes the combination, pushes the size: a diameter of 40 MM, inside the hole 4. Special single spring in addition to flat iron thickening increase with the 3.5 on the basis of above precision extension spring, with standard parts HCR007-B08, line diameter to adapt to the range.