Product name:Ceramic eye 15*2.5*11.75*7.5
Product ID:12647-245


  Ceramic porcelain eye: ceramic porcelain eye used in winding machine and textile machinery in the silk parts, is the most commonly used wire to another piece, for the requirements of the occasion is not too high silk. When working, the silk thread slides on the surface of the porcelain eye. In order to reduce the friction, the hardness, finish and shape of the material must be improved. The company uses 99% Al2O3, hardness greater than HRa88, density of 3.85, ultra fine cast Ra0.2. The porcelain eye is used in the area where the positive pressure is small (and the friction is small). In order to reduce the cost, according to the requirements, the polishing process is divided into rough polishing (Ra 0.8), fine polishing (Ra 0.4), ultra precision polishing (Ra0.2). At the same time, it can be divided into single side ultra precision polishing and double side ultra precision polishing.    

  Many specifications of the porcelain eye, is now commonly used in the list of specifications for customers to choose, can also be customized according to customer requirements.