Product name:MTQ series pneumatic magnetic tension device
Product ID:91838-549


. Product introduction

  MTQ series magnetic damping tension device has the characteristics of large tension range, wide wire diameter and high versatility.

Athis product is a device for transmitting constant torque through the magnetic field. The utility model has the advantages of no mechanical sliding friction, long service life and multi NS magnetic field;

Bcan freely adjust the tension and reverse tension, can adapt to various types of skeleton winding and line speed dramatic change of winding, will not easily break;

Ccan be equipped with a variety of specifications of the tension bar to meet the needs of different winding; can also be based on user requirements;

D) driving wheel and the guide wheel polishing special ceramics, effectively avoid the winding operation mechanism of wire paint membrane damage. The wheel with the original Japanese import bearing;

E) damping wheel line is arranged in the groove of special rubber ring, wear and prevent the paint damage;

F) when broken wire or run out, the instruction issued by the disconnection detection mechanism, automatic stop winding machine (this part is optional).Type selection reference table



二. Type selection reference table