Product name:HB series standard type hysteresis brake
Product ID:151733-618


It is divided into single - output shaft hysteresis brake and double - axis hysteresis brake. According to the use of space and installation form, its application scope is wide.
Mainly used in high-speed wire winding equipment; motor, small internal combustion engine, gear box and other rotating device of the experimental simulation of the life of the load; the precise load of high-end sports equipment.


1, all specifications can choose to double the axis or a single out of the shaft;
2, most of the specifications of the rated voltage can be customized for non-standard voltage;
3, the rated slip power system refers to the specific coil and bearing temperature at 90 degrees Celsius to the maximum value. The actual value of the work, due to the fixed way, ventilation conditions, environmental temperature and other conditions, there may be changes in -50%, +50% or so.