Product name:Motor line nozzle
Product ID:145854-690


Motor nozzle (motor line mouth): This product to super hard alloy or carbon steel heat treatment as the material, the use of precision grinding and polishing by professional processing equipment and, has excellent anti bending strength and wear resistance, widely used in bowel, fan, micro motor and motor industry of stator and rotor coil winding on the string.
Coil winding wire nozzle (motor coil winding nozzle) is also called guide wire tube, wire hole, guide wire for winding machine guide line in the winding line wind, pin series, stator and rotor of the cooling fan, micro motor, a motor industry.
Characteristic of motor coil winding nozzle (motor nozzle):
1. High wear resistance is determined by the wear element in the Vivtorinox 1 excess hardness material with a minimum of 000 (HRC 70).
2. Anti scratch, eliminate the wire insulation film damage, low friction resistance, stable wire tension. The surface roughness of the guide wire is 4 - 2 micro inch or better, material permit.
3. Straightness and stiffness are defined by the line of the outlet of the concentric and non flexible nozzle positioning, from the plane, the wires should be exported from the nozzle to the location of the center? Within 0.02 mm, with or without load. There is a geometric representation of the upper left corner. Concentric degree in 0.01mm.
4. The exact exit radius, since the coil winding of the nozzle outlet radius tube angle, from one coil of the wire outlet to the next, it should be monitored for + / - 0.025 mm. This is measured by digital, displayed in the upper right corner. Specifications: Measurement: according to the requirements of custom, outside diameter of the tube wall thickness. Confirm your nozzle measurement according to your coil and coil products.