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Characteristics of ST800 servo tension device

  Servo type tension device is composed of a passive wire feeding mode of traditional change into active feeding way, according to the requirements of users can choose two section tension tension regulator, from 1g - 1000g by replacing the tension spring range, and has stable tension feedback system, can realize automatic tension balance. Tension is not affected by winding speed, wire cover, pulley, felt and other factors, the tension is particularly stable, easy to adjust.
  ST800 servo tension device is an active wire feeding motor, all of the use of high-precision encoder DC servo motor, the use of stepper motor as a wire feeding mechanism of the servo tension device has the following advantages:
A, low noise, high stability, high precision, high speed, high speed, from 0 to the highest speed can be completed within 0.5S;
B, high torque, so that the tension range, simple selection;
  The tension of the ST800 servo tension device is stable, the tension of the acceleration deceleration process is small, and the performance is good. The tension regulation is controlled by electronic control, and the tension can be increased or reduced only by pressing the button. The servo tension device has two sections of tension function, through access to the air source to achieve the two tension control.
Note: This is the 2 section tension tension device, no air tension indicator dial 0-5 range, the gas can work in the range of 0-10. If by changing the spring 0-5 can meet the customers, so do not have to connect with.