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Debugging method of full-automatic winding machine

With the rapid development of science and technology, automatic winding machine of this high-tech products focus on a variety of mechanical transmission technology, so fully automatic winding machine debugging settings also greatly increased the difficulty. After a lot of customers to buy automatic winding machine, set the debugger can not start, today winding machine mouth company to talk about the automatic winding machine debugging methods. When buying after the automatic winding machine requires electricity test run, this process is the first test of winding machine operation is stable, if there is abnormal noise, as in the process of debugging personnel should control the automatic winding machine instructions one by one check each function is not effective, but also a process familiar with the equipment familiar with the equipment, according to the preliminary function after winding its products process to find out the corresponding function of the equipment, check whether the function of combining process equipment with winding consistent with the requirements, functional requirements in the procurement of equipment and equipment suppliers will require detailed communication, avoid the purchase of equipment and winding requirements do not pay to note that there is equipment to allow the line diameter, maximum load, cable width and the accuracy of these parameters is determined and the winding equipment meets the requirements of the basic data.
After the debugging personnel are familiar with the function and parameter of the equipment, the tension adjustment of the automatic winding machine and the data of the winding die should be measured. Note that the width and height of the mold, and the winding rod, too tight will affect the mold unloading, too loose will die due to sloshing influence line effect. In order to adapt to the process of the coil, automatic winding machine configuration of spindle speed, winding equipment should be different processing types whose configuration is also different, so the debugging method of automatic winding machine is very important, the Zambian technician winding machine nozzle company as the debugging method of automatic winding machine we explain the hope that we can bring help.